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Birmingham University Zoom Live with Space Artist Cathrin Machin

Cathrin Machin the Space Artist On 28 April 2021, I had the opportunity to be in the zoom meeting with Cathrin Machin, a  Science Communicator Contemporary Artist which I admire so much! Her space arts are surreal and she's knowledgeable  in Astronomy, which I inspire to be. I stayed up till 2.30 AM MYT to watch her sharing her wisdom in bridging Astronomy to the public through arts. She's very friendly and tend to all the questions asked by the audience (Including my questions!). I even got to say hi and talked a bit about my journey of expressing passion in astronomy through arts. Making the Science of Astronomy More Inclusive and Accessible Through Art She's the stars! Look at her radiating smile! I even wrote down her words of wisdom. Among the things she mentioned that stick with me was: Once you gaze up the stars under the dark sky, you tend to forget about everything (I can confirm that!). 99% of US and EU live under LIGHT POLLUTION. The kids are growing up nowadays

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